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The Myth of Motivation

The Brain is Stopping Your Success

Your primitive brain is there to keep you from danger and is constantly monitoring things to make sure you’re safe. Your brain isn’t made to keep you motivated; it’s there to keep you safe. Your brain was formed before the modern age we live in today.

As things changed, from being hunters and gatherers for food, we’re no longer in danger of things as before, so we have very little to fear.  For example, if you were hunting in the jungle for food and you were attacked by a lion, you would go into fight or flight mode and fight or run away from the lion to keep yourself alive. This is exactly what your primitive brain is designed to handle.

Today, we aren’t out searching for food in the jungle so our primitive fear response isn’t needed, yet it’s still turned on…

This is why even when simple things like starting a business, running traffic or learning new marketing skills feels like being attacked by a lion in the jungle because it comes from the same place…

…your primitive brain!

So you can see that it’s normal for you to be unmotivated to take action on your business, start exercising, or doing anything new that you’ve never done before.

Why Motivation Isn’t The Cure

Time and time again you hear people say, “If I was motivated, I’d be successful…” or other variations of the same excuse. People seek out motivational material to get a “boost” of motivation to get themselves to act.

You feel like you’re moving forward with your business for a day or two and then it wears off and then need another dose. Motivation happens when your dopamine — a chemical in your brain that affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain —  spikes because you anticipate something important is about to happen.

When you hear a great talk by a motivational speaker, you feel motivated to grow your business and become a top earner. This increase of dopamine wear off after the talk is finished and you return to not being as motivated to take action…

Don’t get me wrong, motivational material is great and I encourage people to have sources of motivational information.

But trying to stay motivated to keep taking action isn’t the answer, we’ll discover what it does take to be a success and create real motivation to achieve your goals and dreams…

How Do You Get Yourself to Take Action?

Have you ever had a great idea in a meeting and then after a few seconds you start to talk yourself out of say anything? What you thought was a brilliant idea you end up killing because your brain talks you out of it.

This is exactly how it happens… you think of building a business and think about what you need to do!  But then time passes and suddenly you’re not “motivated”, and go back to “the way things were”.

Nothing changes

By interrupting the automatic thinking portion of your brain that’s trying to keep you safe, you can escape this. Once this happens you’ll be pulled into the present moment and thinking with your logical mind…

Here’s a list of things to pull yourself into the present moment:

  • Count backwards — Normally we’re used to counting up, so counting backwards gets your logical brain to trigger.
  • Do a few push ups or sit ups — Small physical exercises pull you into focusing on your body at the present moment.
  • Meditate/Breathe — Taking time from your busy schedule to be in the moment even for a few seconds can calm your brain and help you to be present.
  • Set a Reminder/Alarm — Use your smartphone or electronic calendar to help you snap back into the present moment!
  • Make up your own! — There’s no one way to do this or combine them to make something that works for you.

Once you interrupt yourself, it will only last for a few moments…

You only have a few seconds to ACT on something you truly want out of life!

How to Take Consistent Action

Pay attention! You want to be present for this…

Your brain will try to attack it after you read it!

Are you ready? Great!

Here it is…

You have to take action within a few seconds of making a decision…

…or your primitive brain will talk you out of it!

AND, it doesn’t even have to be a big action, just a small action that moves the needle towards your goals.

Here’s how you can break up your goals into actions:

  • Record small accomplishments. A to-do list reinforces how you’re chipping away at your goals. As you feel yourself making more progress, you’ll feel great about your progress.
  • Share results with the DA community. Communicating about your results (whether they’re positive or negative) means that others will recognize your work, resulting in more positive feedback.
  • Stay on task with micro-deadlines. Staying entirely focused on one task at a time will get you to focus on what you need get done. The more you do that, the more you’ll see positive feedback (via your work getting done).
  • Focus on how great you’ll feel when your project is complete. A study by University of Michigan professors found that results-driven focus, motivated people to complete their work.

At first, you’ll need to do this over and over again to keep doing small actions. As you make it a habit, it will get easier with consistent action and start to get real motivation. Every small action will give you a boost of energy.

Think of what the #1 action you’ve been avoiding to build your business you can do right now?

Got it?

Now do it! 3… 2… 1…

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