5 Keys For Financial Freedom With Digital Altitude

The very fabric of nature is freedom.

In fact, it is unnatural for any part of nature to be unfree.

And it is incredibly natural for us as humans, naturally free beings, to bristle at anything that threatens to take that freedom away.

Yet Americans, despite the incredible freedoms that they have, still do everything they can to live a life of crushing servitude.

What do I mean by this?

21% of people in the United States carry mortgage debt well into their 70s.

Only 20% of people stick to a budget they make for more than a year, despite knowing that they really need to.

These numbers represent people who are not free. They are shackled to a job and a mortgage.

They live paycheck-to-paycheck.

And if they lose their job… chances are they will lose their house within six months if they don’t replace it.

You may even see yourself closer to these scary statistics than you would like to.

Yet one things seems to separate the people who truly break free to experience a life unfettered from financial worries.


I’ve noticed that people who financially struggle…  or who are in a financially tough spot… carry almost a grudge against people more successful than them.  You see this all the time in the constant cries to tax the rich because they MUST pay their “fair share.”

Perhaps underneath they are jealous and even a bit angry at seeing someone living the life that they feel they deserve.  (And they do!)

Yet, when you spend time with people who ARE successful, you rarely hear them speak with envy or jealousy.  Instead, you’ll hear them say things like:

“That great!”

“I’m so happy for them!”

“I wonder if that would work for my business too?”

Rather than pull them down, criticize them or tax them… successful people are generally excited by other people’s success as they are their own.  And, more importantly, if the people they admire are MORE successful than they are, they do everything they can to model exactly the same thing.


Do you criticize and complain?

Or do you congratulate and copy?

A negative attitude does you no favors; however, it may be tough to get rid of. So if this IS you, what can you do to shift gears towards greater success?

Key #1- Successful Secrets to Creating an Unstoppable Attitude


First, if you continually compare your income to other people’s income, then you are already limiting your own avenues for success.

As Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said, “Rich people don’t work for money; they work for freedom.”

You can have freedom anytime. As a matter of fact, you can drop all of your bills right now, become homeless, and be just as free as the people whom you pass on the street every day.

Is this the freedom you want, however? More importantly, are you comparing yourself to them? (It goes both ways.  You can feel less than people more successful and superior than people you perceive to be not as successful as you. Either view doesn’t help you progress.)

You must set your own goals when it comes to freedom. The second that you align yourself with your own purpose, you will immediately begin to feel better about your present situation, regardless of what it is.

The wise people who talk about the road to any goal being a happy journey are really trying to tell you that focusing on yourself is the best strategy towards any final destination.

When you see the leaders in our Digital Altitude family who seem to be closer to achieving their goals than you, learn to congratulate them.  Learn from them.  Model what they are doing… because you know it works!

Doing this will remove the block from your psyche that tries to make you compare yourself to others.

Practicing success is a habit you have to work at. You are biologically hardwired NOT to change.  Routine and “status quo” with absolutely no change is easy.  It preserves not only your energy, but the amount of juice your brain has to spend just to keep you alive.

Because of that, your subconscious will do everything it can to keep you in the same place.

Why?  Because change can be hard and… 10,000 years ago… dangerous.

You have to reprogram your own mind to help drive you to success.

Key #2 – Practice Your “Altitude Attitude”


Different people come into the Digital Altitude program with different mindsets.

Perhaps you grew up in a household with a great deal of negativity. This may be your starting point, and it may be a hurdle that requires more discipline from you to overcome.

Perhaps other people do not have this hurdle, but they are starting their entrepreneurial journey with less money than you.

You can never tell how someone started from where they end up; you can only see how strong a person is by their current position.

On thing is certain: you can be sure that anyone in a position of power and freedom had to overcome something in order to get there.

How do you overcome your issues, especially if you suffer from negativity? You must practice your altitude.

Here are a few tasks that you can start practicing today:

  • Become your own conduit for positive feelings.

Begin by going on a “Negativity Diet.”  Stop watching or reading the news or other negative stories.

Replace that time with watching inspiring or motivating stories or videos instead.  This one little switch will yield dramatic results in your life.

You may have to employ a bit of trial and error in order to make this a habit, but once you do you will never go back.

  • Give out positive feelings to others no matter what you feel inside.

At first, this may seem like a completely impossible task. However, once you understand and fully appreciate the counterintuitive psychology in all of us that attitude follows behavior, not the other way around, you will quickly understand how much control you have over these feelings.

This discovery alone will help catapult you to the next level of thinking from a high mindset.

  • Realize that practicing your “altitude attitude” is stamina training.

People often think they should be able to immediately change their habits or mental conditioning overnight. Oddly, no one feels this about physical training.

Just because you cannot see the 300 pound weight that your mind is lifting by changing itself does not mean this weight does not exist. We even have a term for this weight:  baggage.

It’s the negative experiences of the past that hold you back and keep you stuck.

Just know that to create a new, positive habit will take some time – just like working up to run a marathon.  You don’t try to run the whole 26.2 miles the first day.

You start by walking for bit.  Then you jog a block and walk a block.

A few weeks later you’re jogging a few miles a day.  Then five, ten, fifteen and more. Before you know it you’re able to run 40 or 50 miles in a week.

It’s the same with practicing positivity.  Start with a few small things… like making a list of the good things in your life.

Then a list of the good things that happened throughout your day.  Then a list of the nice things you said to random strangers you met.


Practicing your altitude is an ongoing task – you will always fight your old habits. However, coming from a place of congratulatory positivity will gradually become easier.

Having a strong mental attitude is one of the unwritten rules that determine your success in Digital Altitude! All of those people you thought were so far ahead of you are really on the same path, and if you follow the same habits, you will achieve similar results!

Key #3 – Learn the System of Winning


The second step to feeling like a winner (and turning this feeling into quantifiable results) is to learn that you need a system in order to fully actualize all of the philosophies that determine success and freedom.

As the great Japanese swordsmen, painter and philosopher Miyamoto Musashi said, “Learn one thing, learn 1000.”

Musashi did not study to become a great swordsman, painter and philosopher. He studied one thing – the Way of the Sword. He then applied the lessons of the sword to painting and philosophy, and because he excelled in one discipline, he excelled in all three.

You already have a practically unfair advantage because you have the Digital Altitude system on your side. You also have access to the principles of success, entrepreneurialism and freedom under a proven system that has worked for many people, some of whom you have seen personally.

This should be a great inspiration for you. Now you know that you have only to follow in the footsteps of previously successful people until you reach the financial peak you are climbing for you and your family.

Fully immerse yourself into the system of Digital Altitude. Stop buying other products, books, services, and other “bright shiny objects” that seem so amazing.

Just like Musashi, the deeper that you learn a single system, the more wisdom you bring to any other discipline that you put your mind to. However, just like any student, you must focus your efforts on a single system in the beginning.

Besides, once you master Digital Altitude, you’ll realize all the other noise in the market is just wasting your time.

Key #4- Master the System… Master Success.


Whether you came into the program walking at the Aspire Level… or whether you rapidly climbed up to  Ascend, Peak or Apex, you must ask yourself:

“Do I know this system inside and out? Could I pass a quiz on it if it were given to me tomorrow? What are the main concepts that this system is trying to teach me?”

You know the system works – you see proof everyday in our private groups.

That does not mean it works automatically.

After all, if the Digital Altitude website had no visitors the system we spent over a year developing would be completely useless.

You are the final piece of the puzzle that the system needs to work. As the pilot, you need to know your controls.

Here are some of the exercises you can implement today to ensure that you understand what is expected of you as you move through the Digital Altitude system:

  • Walk before you run.

If you’re just getting started… you may want to immediately start promoting.  Don’t.  I know… shouldn’t I be encouraging you to bring as many people to the system as possible?

Yes and no.  Yes in that it makes money for everyone.  No in that until you understand the basic principles you will waste a lot of time and money.

The system takes this into account.  That’s why you have a call with your coach after every step.  At the bare minimum… you should get through the first six steps before you begin driving traffic to your links.

Because as you go through the training, you will get your very own Traffic Coach – who will show you how to get the most bank for you buck AND a Business Coach who will make sure that you have yourself set up for success.

These two coaches will make sure that you don’t fall prey to the million-and-one mistakes that most members make when they try to go it alone.

  • Follow the System.

Everyone is in a rush today.  It feels that the ability to pace yourself and take a longer view has nearly completely vanished.

Yet it is exactly this rush that is keeping you broke.  You rush to make thousands of dollars right now…  so you fall for the slick sales pages about making a bazillion dollars by Saturday night.

When Saturday night rolls around and you’re still broke… you are convinced that the program doesn’t work and you rush to the next one.  And the next one.  And the next.

Stop rushing for the next “big thing” and simply follow the system that is already proven to work.

  • Practice consistency. Systems work when they are followed over the long term. As any online traffic expert will tell you, Google will not even fully recognize your efforts until six months down the line in most cases. You have to build trust with the major search engines.

More than that, however, you have to build trust within yourself. The entrepreneurial spirit relies on the fact that a person has the wherewithal to do what must be done.

A wild, entrepreneurial spirit that cannot rely on consistency will fly about haphazardly, starting ideas and never finishing them. You bring the spirit under control when you direct it consistently at your goal.

How can you ever lose if you are deadly focused on the tasks mentioned above?

There is virtually no way that you will even have time to let your brain think about anything other than getting the work done for the day.

As positive results roll in,  you will begin to see them as less of a surprise and more of a simple reaction to your actions.


Allow these rules to work in your favor, you will begin to notice a natural synergy between yourself and other successful people.

Maybe even the people you may have felt jealousy for just a few days or weeks earlier.

Key #5- The Path to Happiness


Your final activity may seem like a no-brainer.

There is a reason that we saved this for last.

There is always a journey to happiness, especially for ambitious people who see themselves as separate from their goals.

If we could all jump to happiness, then everyone would do it.

The fact is that happiness is a journey, and it lies at the end of many other emotions.

These emotions must be exposed as useless or false in order for the final destination, happiness and freedom, to show themselves.

As you come to master your thoughts and emotions and finally gain control of the tides of your life, you will naturally attract success and freedom to yourself.

You will achieve your goals without feeling like you have to grind and grind and grind to get there.


And your Digital Altitude brothers and sisters are beside you encouraging you forward.

Imagine how happy you will feel… the size of the smile on your face… when you reach the peak to your financial summit.

We’re waiting.

And as always, let us know how Digital Altitude is working for you and how we can help you further.

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