5 Profit Pulling Tips To Writing Great Emails That Captivate Your Readers

Do you find writing difficult?

Lots of people do.  Today you’ll discover how to have an endless bag of ideas for writing great emails and banish writer’s block for good. Here we go:

  1. Tell a story

One of the most powerful method that you can use to write an engaging email is to tell a story.  People love stories.

Heck, you’ve probably paid money to see stories in the form movies, novels or a Netflix subscription. So what sort of stories should you tell?

  1. Let your subscribers into your life

People connect with people. One of the best way to come up with endless ideas for emails is to share interesting things that happen to you.

You could talk about the time your dog got into a fight with the labrador down the street or when you accidentally got locked out of your house.


So why would you do this? To build trust and rapport with our readers. However, there’s another important ingredient you need for this to work.

  1. Share valuable lessons with your subscribers

The key is to connect your stories with a lesson that you can teach your readers.

For example…

The sitting on the plane on your last day of your Hawaii holiday could have been the turning point that you realized you wanted to be your own boss and commit to become financially free.

The story of your child’s first steps could tie in a lesson about persistence and the importance of moving one step at a time. You get the idea.

So how do you kill writer’s block forever? Keep your ear out for moments that could become stories. Keep some paper handy or write notes in your phone. Now, here’s a great way to keep people engaged and keep their fingers away from the unsubscribe link.

  1. Inject some personality

Remember, people get over 100 emails per day. You need to write emails that people are excited to open and devour. There’s no need to write in a formal tone.

Be personable. Inject some of your personality that shows up at dinner parties and get-togethers into your emails.

  1. Write a call to action

If you’re promoting Digital Altitude (or anything for that matter) you need to make the next step crystal clear for people. What do you want them to do?

  • Click on a link.
  • Watch a video.
  • Buy a product.

For example you could say:
“I highly recommend you check out Digital Altitude’s Aspire System. Click the link below to read about it now.”

It’s a simple step. Yet, somehow people forget to write a clear call to action for their emails. So there you have it.

5 ways to write compelling emails easily without writer’s block.  When you put it all together, it looks like this. Keep an ear out for interesting tidbits to share about your life. Write them with personality. Share them as stories. Connect your stories to lessons that provide value to your readers

Finish with a call to action to do something further: watch a video, direct them to an interesting blog post or a cool product recommendation. Now I’ve saved the very best for last. Next time, you’ll discover an advanced email technique to have more people read your emails and reduce unsubscribes.

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