6 Reasons Why Digital Altitude Has Perfected Affiliate Marketing

As one of the biggest drivers in self employment around the world, affiliate marketing provides a near limitless opportunity for a passionate person with a bit of organizational skills to make a lot of money based solely on monetizing an expertise.

Having the right partners is essential, however, you need an affiliate partner with a streamlined system that keeps the pitfalls out of your way while connecting you with the best revenue opportunities.



Let’s take a look at the general characteristics of a great affiliate marketing network and show you exactly how Digital Altitude is the right system for the motivated partner.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The basic premise of affiliate marketing is very simple: You earn a commission by promoting the products of other companies.

The practice has attracted over  $4 billion in investment capital and has proven itself a viable business model, despite the objections of various marketing interest groups.

Some estimates put this investment at $5 billion; either way, the number is staggering, and there is plenty of room for new affiliate marketers with a passion to promote.

Big business is throwing money at affiliate marketers for many reasons, but one is immediately prevalent: Most companies do not have a mastery of affiliate marketing; they just know that they need to be in the market.

78% of CMOs say that they have no mastery of affiliate marketing, but a fully developed program can account for as much as 30% of total sales.

Even when the number slips, affiliate marketers still have  the ability to drive huge revenues. For instance, Amazon surpassed $100 billion worth of revenue in 2015. 10%, or $10 billion, of that revenue was due specifically to  affiliate marketers.

Your Affiliate Marketing Network


Your network is your connection to quality businesses around the world, and if your network  does  not have  the proper relationships, then you will not find yourself too often with the opportunity to promote quality products.

If you have the right network, then you have an opportunity for great business. Of course, the more viable your brands, the more success you will probably have.

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of joining any and every affiliate marketing network they possibly can. This is not a great strategy, because you will end up biting off more than you can chew.

The administration of your platform is just as important as the volume of products that you are advertising.

If you can connect with a hit brand, you may only need to advertise a single product! Affiliate marketers with a passion for a product also perform much better in the market.

Try to involve yourself in a network that connects you to products that you would actually use.

The Benefits of the Right Affiliate Network

  • The Tools to Advertise

Choosing the right affiliate network ensures that you will have  the right tools to get the job done. You should look for an affiliate network that has templates for banners, data feeds, widgets, text links, videos and coupons.

These are the visual tools that you will need to draw in your potential customers.

Although the template for these items should be plug and play, you should also have the ability to change them so that you can differentiate yourself from your competition if need be.

  • Connecting You With the Right Products

The right affiliate network  will connect you specifically with the categories that you have a passion for. Ideally, you should try to advertise products that you would use yourself – this will give your ads and other content an inside track that your competition will not have.

You should go into the market with target affiliates, and look at the network that gives you the access to those affiliates.

  • Tracking Your Data

An affiliate network  will also give you tracking mechanisms that you do not have on your own.

With the right partnership, you will have the ability to track your returning customers and connect with your new ones. You will be able to more accurately track mobile transactions as well. Additionally, you should gain integration into a management system for tags.

However, you must first determine the metrics that you want to track so that you are not distracted by flashy features that have nothing to do with what you actually need to follow.

  • Fees

You should also look at the rate that your affiliate network charges for connecting you to great businesses. SaaS platforms will usually charge you a flat rate, while the more traditional affiliate network  will usually charge you by percentage.

  • International Affiliations

Are you looking to advertise products that are local to you, or do you want to look for international products? The capabilities of some affiliate networks are greatly reduced outside of the United States.

If you are looking for a global program, then you must create a relationship with a network that has real experience in the international arena, not just basic support for it.

  • Stopping Fraud

The best networks will have  a security network in place to punish fraud. Keep in mind that you are basically in competition with the other affiliates that are on the network. If they are allowed to commit fraud, the network itself is implicated.

People will eventually begin to look at you in the same way as the actual culprit, especially if you are in the same industry as the fraudster.

Ask your potential network  if they  have  a system in place to prevent  fraud.  Many of them  actually require that the merchant (you) look after fraud yourself, and you likely do not have the time to do this.

  • Level of Service

If you are a relatively new affiliate marketer, you may need a higher level of service than an established marketer. The price levels for different types of service may be different, so take a look at the tiers and compare apples to apples as you are vetting your service.

6 Reasons Why Digital Altitude Has The Perfect Affiliate Marketing System

If you are trying to reach a new peak performance rate for your online advertising campaigns, Digital Altitude is the affiliate network for you.

Here are just a few of the reasons that Digital Altitude should be your partner in connecting to the best companies and creating a productive network for your business.

1.Visual Tools

Digital Altitude has a network with visual tools that you can modify for your audience. Whether you are using banners, widgets or coupons, Digital Altitude has them ready for you.

With flexible tools to customize your advertising based upon specific analysis, we help you create the perfect visual for your audience.

2. Different Tiers

We have different tiers of service that are based on your current abilities and your need for support. If you have been in the game, you will keep more of your profits and only pay for the essential support features that you need.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you have the full support of one of the most effective networks in the business.

You can switch between tiers whenever you want, so take your time with a full service feature set before you scale back later and increase your margins!

3. Connection to Companies

Digital Altitude connects you to the companies that actually mean something. No affiliate marketer should be stuck trying to sell a brand from nothing.We give you access to brands that already have a name for themselves.

With this kind of leverage, you can actually compete in the market rather than hoping a few stragglers click on your ads after they search for the brands that they actually want.

4. International Business

Digital Altitude can take your business international. We give more than lip service to international business – we actually have the infrastructure in place to help you in emerging markets and First World markets that are outside of the United States.

5. Track Data

We help you track your data so that you can tweak your marketing campaigns in real time. No marketer  will get everything right the first time, and you need access to accurate data to see where your customers are moving.

Digital Altitude puts you in front of trends so that you can market to them on their terms rather than playing catch up from behind like most marketers find themselves doing!

6.Trusted Affiliate Network

Digital Altitude is one of the most trusted affiliate networks for a reason: We have a built in mechanism to catch and remove marketers who would try to tilt business away from you fraudulently.


Affiliate marketing has always been a 90/10 industry – only one out of every 10 affiliates are going to sell products on a consistent basis.

Let us know how Digital Altitude is working for you and how we can help you further.

Feel free to reach out to us at  support@digitalaltitude.co or connect with your coach. See you at the top!

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