Best Websites For Staying Somewhere Free

Picture this. What if you have a wonderful place you want to travel to on your next holiday break, but you don’t have the money to pull it off? Fortunately, you can make several arrangements that will allow you to travel without spending a penny on a place to stay on the way. Here are some of the best websites to help you find free places to stay while on your travels:

1. Couchsurfing

Free Place To Stay
Free Place To Stay

One of the best websites for staying somewhere free is Couchsurfing. People all over the world offer up their homes as a free place to stay. The site is all about community, so whether you are available as a host or a guest, you can still meet many different travelers visiting your city.

2. BeWelcome

If you ever need a free place to stay, this is a nonprofit organization with more than 50k members. BeWelcome seeks to connect you with a local who can show you around the city, regardless of where you want to go. With this option, you won’t have to worry about taxis; there will be somebody waiting to pick you up at the airport. You will not have to be concerned about some guidebooks when you have personal recommendations from your host. Also, you get to switch that hotel for a local home, thus, experiencing the neighborhoods of the cities you travel to much more intimately. This site wants to make each of your trips one where you have a local friend.

3. Trust Roots

Sometimes you might wonder how to find the right niche for your online business. During your travels, you may encounter different people that inspire you to explore a wide range of ideas. For instance, while mingling with other travelers, you might encounter many problems that they face, like perhaps the ins and outs of video marketing. Maybe by solving their problems, you might get a good chance of carving out your business space. At Trust Roots, travelers of all sorts are encouraged to join “tribes” and mingle with individuals just like them. Trust Roots is all about creating community and forging friendships by staging a platform for people to open their homes to visitors for free.

4. MotoStays

Need A Place To Stay
Need A Place To Stay

Have you ever been listening to one of your favorite shows by one of those podcasters who made it big, and some discussion about travel fantasies forms out of the ether mid-conversation? Well, this arrangement sounds like a dream if you ever wished to travel cross country on a motorcycle with places to sleep for free. MotoStays was an innovative startup developed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. Its primary goal is to swap the paid (sometimes expensive) hotel stays for free homestays. Now it’s more like free sleep hotels, but with the warmth and comfort of home. This is perhaps one of your best websites for staying somewhere free.

5. Horizon

“Hey, I need a place to stay for free. Where can I find that?”

If you have ever had to ask this on your travels and you aren’t fond of strangers so much, this may be the app for you. Horizon could easily be one of the best websites for staying somewhere free. The website lies on edge between the unknown and your familiar limits. In this community, you can arrange to find hosts via your mutual Facebook friends and groups. If you can take up the challenge as a host, you might be able to learn 3 smart money habits that will change online business while you host one or more of your Facebook mutual for free. If you like to travel, you can also take advantage of this and turn friends into family wherever you go. It might be challenging to be put up by strangers, but it beats staying in a hostel or hotel anyway.

Is Staying Somewhere Free a Safe Option?

Wondering if staying somewhere free is safe or not? Well, most of the time, it will be a safe option. The people who usually offer up their home for free staying are expecting anyone and everyone to come stay in their home. They will open their home to you with open doors. Get it? Open arms, open doors. Anyways, just know you should be in safe hands but its better safe than sorry to take some method of self protection.

Safe travels!

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