7 Ways to Create a Life Vision you can Achieve

What is a life vision and have you ever thought about creating one for yourself? A life vision is simply a vision you have of how you want your life to be. It helps you know where you want to go, what you need to do to get there, and what you’ll find when you do. Basically, a life vision gives you direction and guidance to achieving your ideal life.

Creating a life vision isn’t something that will happen overnight and to some, it can seem like a complete waste of time. However, those individuals who take the time to create a life vision are more successful and happier than those who do not.

If you want to give yourself a better chance at achieving the life you really want, then you need to create a vision for yourself. Doing so isn’t that hard. Just follow these 7 steps to create a life vision you can achieve.

Set A Time
The first thing you need to do to create a life vision you can achieve is set aside the time to create one. Find a quiet place and give yourself enough time alone to think about what your life vision looks like. If you are trying to define your vision while being distracted by telephone calls, client contracts, or paperwork, you won’t be able to put enough attention towards your vision. It won’t be what you really want and you will just get frustrated. In short, set a time and stick to it.

What Do You Really Want?
Once you are sitting down in a quiet place, ask yourself what you really want out of life. What does your ideal life look like? Consider the following questions from lifehack.org as you start to think of your perfect life:

What really matters to you? (Not what should matter)
What legacy do you want to leave behind?
What do you want from your career? (Besides money)
What qualities and talents do you want to develop?
What are your dreams?
Everyone’s life vision will be different. As you discover yours, focus on what you want, not on what others want or expect from you.

Don’t Be Limited by Your ‘Limits’
We all have a tendency to put ourselves in a box of what we can do and what we can’t do. Many think that they will never be able to do X or Y because that’s what they have always believed. When you create your life vision, don’t be limited by what you think are your limits. Chances are, they aren’t and you have the potential to achieve much more than you originally thought. Don’t be afraid to dream big and create that mental image. Doing so will help you get there faster.

Write It Down
As with any sort of goal, writing it down gives you a better chance of achieving it. The same goes for your life vision. During your brainstorm session, write down what your life vision is, write down the timeline you have to achieve it, and then put it somewhere you will see it everyday.

Once you know what your life vision is, don’t hesitate to get started. Take the first step towards achieving your life vision. While the first step is the hardest, actually moving towards your ideal life will help keep you working towards it.

Allow Your Vision to Grow
At this point, you should have your life vision mapped out but don’t be afraid to let it change a little bit. As you grow older and have new experiences, you may decide that you want slightly different things out of life. That’s okay. Your vision will grow and change as you grow and change. That’s why it’s important to review your written life vision often and change it as needed to keep you on track towards your ideal life.

Don’t Give Up
This is the most important thing to remember as you work towards achieving your life vision. Never give up, especially when life gets tough and you face obstacles. No matter what happens, keep the mental image of your life vision in your head and keep going.

Create a Life Vision You Can Achieve Today
Creating a life vision for yourself will lead you towards your ideal life. Instead of merely hoping for your perfect life, you will have a guideline to get you there. Follow these 7 steps to create your life vision and start working towards it today.

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