How to Create a Sales Page That Converts

A sales page’s purpose is simple. It is a page on your website that is dedicated to one purpose: to get your visitors to purchase your products. Though the purpose is simple, actually creating an effective sales page takes a lot more work.

When people come to your sales page, they are there for one of two purposes. They are merely curious about what you have to offer or they are ready to purchase if your product meets their needs. When it comes to writing your sales page copy, you have to meet the needs of both groups and ultimately, convince even those who are just curious.

So, how do you create a sales page that converts?

There are several things you need to understand if you want to create a sales page that converts. First, you need to understand the difference between long copy and short copy.

Long Copy vs Short Copy

There is an ongoing debate about whether long or short copy is better for your sales page. To be completely honest, it depends on what you are selling and to whom you are selling. Short copy is incredibly valuable and works extremely well for those who already know what they are looking for. Having a short copy description of your product is all that they need.

However, the value of long copy comes in handy when those who are merely curious see your sales page. These curious individuals don’t know exactly what they are looking for and will need more of an explanation before they convert. Good sales pages take advantage of both long and short copy. Take a look at’s listing for the Kitchen Aid and you will see how they use both long and short copy.

Close to the product picture, you can see a bulleted list with the highlights of the product. This is great for those who have used a Kitchen Aid Mixer but what about those that haven’t or don’t know what it is? If you scroll down, you will see more product information including product descriptions, specifications, and even customer reviews

10 Necessary Elements for a Sales Page That Converts

Knowing the value of long and short copy is important but it won’t matter if your copy isn’t persuasive. Your copy needs to be effective if you want people to purchase your products.   According to, these are the 10 things you have to include if you want a sales page that converts.

Powerful Headlines

Your headline is what will draw your customers in. Make sure your headlines are intriguing enough to keep them reading.

Benefit-Driven Paragraphs

Your paragraphs need to expand on the promise that you made in your headline. Make sure they also clearly illustrate what benefits your product provides to the customer.


Keep your customers/potential customers emotionally connected to your sales page by telling true stories. Customers want to see how the product came to be and how it solved the author’s problems before deciding if it will solve their own.

Credibility Building Details

People buy from those they trust and that have credible reputations. Make sure that your copy includes details about why this product is credible. Don’t be afraid to include it in a subtle way, like putting it in your story.

Stop-Worthy Subheads

Subheads are essential because it gives the reader a roadmap of your article. It can help them know why they need to read the next section or for those that scan, make them stop and go back to read it.

Customer Testimonials

Make sure to include testimonials on your sales page to calm potential customers’ worries about the product. Make sure they answer the questions “Will this work for me?” and “How can I trust this person?”

Provide Proof of Working Product

If you really want to see high conversions on your sales page, make sure to show that your product actually works. You can use video, testimonials, and stories to do this.

Create An Offer They Can’t Refuse

When you are selling a product, you also sell “solutions, outcomes, and experiences.” Make sure that the benefits of your product are clear and the value is so high that your potential customers can’t turn it down. 

Provide Guarantees

Customers are nervous about new companies scamming them. Simply offer satisfaction guarantees to help potential customers feel better about trying your product.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

When it comes down to it, you need to directly ask customers to make a purchase. You can do this by asking them to purchase, download, join in, etc. but make sure to remind them of the benefits first.

Sales pages have to be built correctly if you want your business to grow.

Understanding the value of long and short copy and knowing the importance of the 10 necessary elements above will give you all the steps you need to create a sales page that converts. Go get started today.

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