Zero to Riches: Dani Johnson on How to Become a Millionaire

It’s the American Dream to take yourself from zero to millionaire.   Everyone loves hearing the classic “rags to riches” stories where successful people have literally lifted themselves out of poverty and into prosperity. Why do we love these stories? We love them because they inspire us to become better than who we are; or better yet, to achieve more than we ever thought humanly possible. When it comes down to it, everyone wants to learn how to become a millionaire.

Many millionaires have faced tough challenges including: homelessness, abuse, poverty, and many other trials. Yet they overcame those obstacles and became some of the most well known millionaires of our time. If they can rise up above these challenges, why can’t you? What is stopping you from achieving your financial success? Don’t you want to know how to become a millionaire?

There is no better zero to millionaire story than that of Dani Johnson. From childhood abuse, homelessness, drug abuse and $35,000 in debt, Dani overcame all of these trials spectacularly. calls her pathway to success that of “entrepreneurial legend.” Without further ado, here is her story.

The Dani Johnson Story

Born into an abusive family and suicidal from the age of 6, Dani Johnson truly rose from rags to riches. At age 21, Dani was working in Hawaii as a cocktail waitress, was living out of her car, and had only two dollars and three cents. On Christmas Eve in 1990, Dani joined other waitresses on the beach for a party where drinks and drugs were prevalent. Even though she hated her parents using Cocaine, she was using it herself. She said, “I remember waking up at 10 the next morning on my beach mat and I am asking everyone for coke.” She says that at that moment she would have sold anything to get more of the drug, including herself. The after effects of the drug put Dani into a catatonic state and she decided to end her life. She dove under the waves when she heard a miraculous voice that turned her life around.

She heard a voice that said, “Pick up your mat and walk.” Instantly, Dani no longer felt the effects of the drug. She walked back to her car and began driving. The next morning, she discovered a weight loss program she had purchased long ago in the back of her car. She called the number on the box from a payphone and got the information she needed to sell the product in Hawaii. After making a handmade flyer, getting a $15 voicemail set up and convincing the local liquor store to let her use their address, Dani started her business. She ended up making $4000 that first month.

Dani Knows How to Become a Millionaire

In the first year alone, Dani made $250,000 and it didn’t stop there. After year 2, Dani was a millionaire. In 1996, she sold the business and now runs 5 companies. She has also set up several charities around the world and continues to give back through them. She is the perfect example of how to become a millionaire.

Dani Johnson’s story is inspiring to say the least. She went from zero to millionaire in two short years despite being homeless, using drugs, and recovering from an abusive childhood. Her story is the epitome of the American Dream and should inspire you to pursue yours. After all, if she can do it, then why can’t you? Time to take the next step and show everyone how to become a millionaire!

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