Digital Altitude – Building A Dream in Cancun

While we were out in Cancun at the Leadership Mastermind Retreat, we wanted to do something besides enjoy the luxury that running a successful online business affords us.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are those who don’t get to enjoy the nicer things, who struggle on a daily basis to get the things that we consider basic requirements.

So we came together and built and decorated some bicycles for some at risk, underprivileged girls at a local orphanage.

The smiles on these girls’ faces lit up the room, their excitement was contagious and it was a beautiful reminder of how we should have an attitude of gratitude every day, and appreciate the people and the things we have the good fortune to have in our lives.

We’d love you to watch the short video, just click the play button and remember to turn up the sound…

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