The Ins and Outs of Video Marketing

It’s almost impossible to log onto any social media platform or visit a company’s website without coming across a video of some type.  Even when we talk to other people, we often talk about the latest viral video we’ve seen or heard of.  Whether that’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Adele or Grace Vanderwaal, the 12-year old ukulele player on America’s Got Talent, there’s no doubt that video has taken a prominent place in our life. 

In fact, it is predicted that by this year, approximately 74% of all Internet traffic will be video.  In addition, using the word ‘video’ in your email subject lines increases open rates.  With 78% of people watching online videos every week and 55% each day, it is easy to see that video marketing is quickly taking over the marketing world. 

What is video marketing?  Basically, video marketing is just incorporating videos into your marketing strategy.  The concept is simple while the execution takes a bit more effort.  If you haven’t set up a video marketing plan as part of your marketing strategy, you better get on it right away.  Many experts claim that 2017 will be the year of the video. 

Setting Up a Video Marketing Strategy

Setting up a video marketing strategy is not all that different from creating a marketing strategy in general.  However, it can seem very intimidating.  Like any basic strategy, you’ll need an objective, an audience, and a place to promote your video at the very least.     

  • Objective: What are you trying to accomplish in your video?  You can’t just create a video simply to create a video.  If you did that, you would just be wasting money.  You need to really understand the why before you delve into video marketing.
  • Audience:  Whom are you making this video for? You need to know who your target audience is if you want your video marketing efforts to have any effect.  Without that guideline, your video might not attract those who would be most interested and at worst, could deter them from your business completely.   
  • Promotion: Where are you going to share your video?  You can’t just create one and then post it only on your website.  How will that draw more customers to you? It won’t.  Once you understand who your target audience is and where they hang out, you’ll have a better idea of where to promote your video. 

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing has become so pervasive because there are so many ways to do it and new opportunities continue to become available.  Social media platforms, such as Facebook Live, Instagram video, and Snapchat, for video use continue to be popular among audiences and marketers are taking advantage. 

Not only are there many places to share videos but there is a variety of video marketing types as well.  You can create storytelling brand videos, online ads, customer testimonials/stories, product videos, and so much more.  Just make sure your videos align with your strategy for the best results.

Video is the Key to Your Business Success

If you still aren’t convinced you need to invest in video marketing, consider this.  Not only are the vast majority of people watching videos every day but also, your competitors are likely investing in it. In fact, 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their marketing efforts within the next year.  You don’t want to fall behind and lose customers because of it.

Video marketing is not that complicated and can have a huge return if done correctly.  52% of marketing professionals claim that video has the best ROI.  So what are you waiting for? Start investing in video marketing for your business.

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