Learn How The “CNN Effect” Can Improve Your Email Marketing

Have you ever noticed how the news hooks you in?

Do you see their subtle technique? It goes something like this:

“Tonight’s top story: 5 year old blind daughter saves mother from burning home in Chicago. But first… an oil spill off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean has caused chaos to surround the Virgin Islands…”

So when do you get to hear about the blind daughter? At the very end of the news of course. So, what’s happening here?

The news knows the curiosity-pulling power of this story so it forces you sit through 28 minute of other news to find out the answer. This is the power of curiosity and anticipation.

So how can you harness this power in your email marketing?

Simple. Tell readers what you’re going to cover in your next email. I call this “The CNN Effect.”

Neat, huh?

That way, subscribers have something to look forward to and actively look for you next email. Did you notice that I’ve been using that technique to get you excited for each Monday email? (Get our our email list here).

However in my case, I want you to consume the tips and grant yourself the gift of financial freedom. So there’ you have it.
You learned a ton of actionable info to write emails this month. Here’s what we covered.

  • Week 1: The fundamentals of writing great emails
  • Week 2: 4 ways to write subject lines to get people to open your emails
  • Week 3: 5 tips to write interesting emails that keep people hooked
  • TODAY: Tell readers what they’ll discover if they read your next email

If you’ve missed any emails in the series I encourage you to go back and read them now. (Get our our email list here).

This was a short one today; But I leave you with a free gift. Click Here to Discover The 6 Ninja Techniques To Creating A ‘Quick-Fire’ 6 Figures Internet Business.

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