Which Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

No one entrepreneur is the same as the next. Each carries with them unique strengths, weaknesses and character traits. Understanding who you are as an entrepreneur can give you direction about the path that’s best for you. If you try following someone else’s path, you may come up short.

Check out our compiled list of different kinds of entrepreneurs. Which entrepreneur do you relate to the most? Knowing this can tell you a lot about your own strengths, behaviors and likelihood for success.

The Innovator

The innovator creates new ideas or products they want to get out into the world. They are more of a designer or inventor than a business tycoon. Innovators would rather be in the lab, continually creating, than in the public eye as the head of the company. They measure success by how much impact their invention or design is having on the world.

The Inspired Philanthropist

The inspired philanthropist is driven by a desire to make a difference in the world. Their charismatic nature and original ideas gather large followings for change. You can see inspired philanthropists involved with causes they are passionate to support. Their success is measured by social impact, or by how much their business inspires and helps others.

The Opportunist

The opportunist is wired to see opportunities for success. They have a killer instinct to know how long to ride a venture’s wave before it starts going down. Marketing and promoting their product gets them excited. Opportunists measure their success based on the money they make, especially how much money they make when they are not working. They are masters of passive income, seeing niches where others don’t. However, the opportunist is not a big planner, but makes many decisions off of instinct. Often this works out for them in the end, but can also be risky.

The Problem Solver

The problem solver sees a trouble to be fixed and works until they find a good solution. They are not deterred by multiple failures, but continue forward. Similar to the innovator, problem solvers like to create and work with their hands. They are efficient with their time and know how to get tasks done. Even under stressful situations, these entrepreneurs can remain calm and focused. The problem solver considers themselves successful when the issue at hand has been resolved.

The Resourceful Planner

The resourceful planner is incredibly intelligent, but also humble enough to know that they can’t do everything on their own. They know when to bring in other experts and when to delegate work. Resourceful planners possess an inherent mechanical aptitude. Their success is measured by how profitable their hard work and plans turn out to be.

In some cases, one of these entrepreneurial types may speak directly to you; all of their characteristics fall in line with yours. In other cases, though, you may find that your personality traits can be found in multiple types. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, study up on the famous entrepreneur(s) whose traits resemble yours. When you learn to channel your unique abilities as they have, that’s when you will find success.

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